Project Management Strategic Management Project Management Strategic Management Project Management Strategic Management 

ClayHouse Consulting is a company that values its customers’ needs and challenges.  We envision a partnership rather than the traditional customer/vendor paradigm.  Our experts will work with you and your organization to understand not only how you operate on a day-to-day basis, but also how your industry operates.  We will deliver a mix of proven solutions and industry best practices along with cutting edge processes and strategies to maximize the value and success of your business.

Our over-arching mission is to help your organization to grow and flourish with a sound and reliable foundation to manage your projects and strategic initiatives.  Our offerings cover the wide range of Project Management needs that an organization may have.  Using proven techniques and experienced professionals, our team is able to provide a return on your investment in a short period of time. 

We believe companies get into business for the right reasons, but become bogged down and sidetracked by the urgent and non-important matters of their day-to-day.  We believe that to get back on track, a little help can go a long way – whether it’s a hand to lift them up or a light to point out their true path. 

ClayHouse also offers more specific and targeted solutions to organizations who may have a better understanding of what their problems are, but don’t know how to resolve them.  These services include:

  • Generic Management Principles
  • Comprehensive Project Management Disciplines
  • Overarching Strategic Operational Guidelines

These targeted aspects of your organization’s operations are all vital to your success, and fall within the discipline of Project Management.  But each organization is different, as are the challenges that it faces in today’s ever-changing markets.  These custom services can be selected individually or as part of a larger package to address key gaps or weaknesses in the organization’s core functions. 

You can continue to allow the strong current of your daily “urgent” matters to bog down your organization and take you away from your strategic goals.  Or you can partner with a company who has the vision to redesign your infrastructure and streamline your operations to help you to get your house in order efficiently and effectively.  Let ClayHouse Consulting administer your management and operational blueprints so that you can focus on your dream again, and return your organization to the strategic course that you set in the beginning.