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A Message from Our Founder

"I've seen a lot of companies who perform services, and some of them get it right.  However, too many pay lip service to what they'll do for

their customers, their employees, and their community as a whole. 

Mitt Romney famously said that 'Corporations are people, my friend.' Taking the literal meaning of what he said, doesn't a 'person' have a fundamental responsibility to treat other people as it would like to be treated—to follow the tenets of basic human principles of respect, honor, and trust?  So we have founded this company taking that vision to heart by asking how can we be better, and also how can we empower our people and our community to be better as well?  The aforementioned principles aren't just meant for people, but for society as a whole.

We've built an organization based on three founding beliefs:

  • That we are a valued partner for our clients.
  • That we are a trusted employer for our team.
  • That we are a respected member of our community. 

These are common statements that most companies put forward when they get started, but our promise is that these three entities (our clients, our team, our community) are our key stakeholders. Every action and decision that this organization makes must take into account how our stakeholders will react and will be affected.  If any decision negatively impacts any of those three, we must find another way.

We have brought together a dedicated team of individuals from diverse backgrounds and points of view.  We will not become myopic in our vision, but rather make diversity of opinion and perspective our strength.

Our company will listen more than we speak, and do more than we say. ClayHouse Consulting, Inc. has created a home where our employees can grow individually, as well as together as a family. We will give back to the community, and earn the continued respect of our clients, as well as our employees and their families.

I invite you to take a look at our service offerings to learn more about how we can help your organization achieve its short and long-term strategic goals. Through this vision, we hope to have a positive impact and create a legacy that others can admire."