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Management Services Offering

ClayHouse Consulting is made up of a dynamic team of Project, Program and Portfolio Managers with years of experience managing projects for a number of small-, mid-, and large-size organizations.  We understand that Project Management is a knowledge base that allows goals to be met rather than a science.  But we also know that organizations are not cookies to be cut from the same cutter.  One organization may need more assistance in delivering software while another may need assistance in breaking through the barriers preventing effective organizational change.  So our service offerings are just as diverse as the types of problems they address.

ClayHouse offers the following Strategy Management services at a high level:

  • Project Management Operations Support
  • Project Management Office Creation and Management Services
  • Life Cycle Management and Methodology Implementation
  • Program and Portfolio Management Services

These high-level service offerings cover the wide range of Management needs that an organization may have.  We can evaluate and analyze your current systems, and provide you with feedback on what changes are needed to streamline your current operations.  But our teams are also capable of walking in the door to modernize and manage your Project Management operations, thus freeing your organization to get back to its core values and strategic vision.


We invite you to take a look at our different solutions to learn more, or contact us for an in-person presentation.