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The ClayHouse Method

Each organization is different, as are the challenges that it faces in today’s ever-changing markets.  ClayHouse Consulting overs custom services can be selected individually or as part of a larger package to address key gaps or weaknesses in the organization’s core functions.  Our consultants can evaluate and analyze your current systems, and provide you with feedback on what changes are needed to streamline your current operations. Just like a house, management and consulting packages can be built from the ground up to address the specific needs of an organization.  Some of our specific disciplines can be offered at the macro and micro levels depending on the need.  These include Strategic Planning and Change Management.

Project Management basics can be based upon the following:

  • PMI / PMBOK standards
  • Federal guidelines and mandates
  • Formal documentation practices
  • Effective soft skills

ClayHouse can also address specific industry regulations and requirements as necessary.  These disciplines also adhere to effective reporting practices and risk management principles.  Our implementations can be done for individual groups or overall organizations.  IT systems can also be deployed to measure the project performance. 

For those organizations that have targeted needs, individual PM disciplines can be selected to bolster identified gaps in their Project Management efforts.  Just like adding on a sunroom, our architects will help your organization to identify and design the ideal solution to address any gaps or deficiencies.  Some organizations may have a strong interdependent foundation, but few PM disciplines in place.  The opposite may be true. Some organizations spend so much time getting up and running that they don’t take the time to put a PM strategy in place.   Our team can customize a fully developed package of PM strategies and practices to help your organization get on the right track.  

Please contact us to learn more about how one of our consultants can work with your organization to build a custom solution.  Whether it’s updating the current operational strategy or implementing a new set of processes, ClayHouse Consulting will be able to design the right fit for your company.