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Change Management Services

An additional benefit of selecting to work with ClayHouse is that we provide a Change Management offering with each solution that is selected.  Making sweeping changes to your risk management strategy or your requirements definition processes will lead to significant changes within your organization, and our team will work to mitigate the impact of those changes.  We’ll work with your company at three key levels to ensure the proper implementation of the new services:

  • Executive management to make sure that the vision and goals are properly defined and communicated;
  • Middle management to empower managers to implement the changes in their respective teams as well as report the results;
  • Individual employee level to provide the right tools and processes to execute the changes effectively and successfully. 

Change Management as its own discipline is certainly an option for an organization that wants to learn how to manage these processes on its own, or if the organization has specific changes in mind that it would like to accomplish.  The above-and-beyond offering of Change Management is an added benefit to your company for working with the ClayHouse group – turning each solution into a turn-key resolution.

Every project has an impact on the organization and its resources. Impacts can be as small as adding employees or revenue.  Every change has the potential for initially unsettling employees and creating an environment of uncertainty. ClayHouse Consulting will implement comprehensive change management solution to every service offering that we provide to minimize the impact to the organization.  Here is a sample of some typical Change Management scenarios:

  • Creation of a Project Management Office
  • Adding a New Product Line
  • Developing an Accountability Paradigm within Your Organization
  • Eliminating Organizational Silos