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ClayHouse Offerings

Our architects start with the following basic questions:

  • "Do our customers / potential customers understand they have the problem our company is working to address?"
  • "If there is a product or service, are consumers buying it right now?"
    • “If there solution were to be offered, would consumers buy it?”
  • “Would they / why would they buy that solution from us instead of someone else?”
  • "Can we build and offer that solution to address that problem, and sell it at a profit?"

These are the essential four questions that every business needs to address in order to get started, to continue an existing solution (the Persevere or Pivot point), or to launch a new solution.  If a company doesn’t have a reasonable response for any one of these, that should be a red flag against moving forward.  That is not to say that the company shouldn’t ultimately move forward, but these questions are designed to reassess the path forward until they companies have solid responses.  From there ClayHouse Consulting will work with your Management team to assess the exact needs that your organization may have, and how to properly align your strategic vision with your operational implementation.

Every ClayHouse consultant is three parts Architect, two parts Builder, and one part Decorator. 

  • Architect
    • Identify operational “load-bearing walls” within the organization
    • Design project management and operational strategies
    • Review cultural needs, changes, and integration points for the solution
    • Outline points of intersection and connection within the organization
    • Create customized "blueprints" for the solution
  • Builder
    • Implement redesigned management, strategic, and operational directives
    • Integrate new “construction" into existing organization
    • Confirm “quality of the build” through Change Management principles and effective Reporting Management
  • Decorator
    • Update existing business processes
    • Modernize existing operational policies
    • Refine document templates and project repositories
    • Provide efficiency and effectiveness

By listening and understanding the unique needs of our clients, we’re able to build a strong foundation, put in place a set of disciplines and processes to provide a new blueprint to move forward, and turn every solution into a turn-key resolution.