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Why Implement ClayHouse Consulting Services?

ClayHouse Consulting helps companies identify and realign their founding principles:

  • Why did you start your business?
  • How do you operate that makes your business successful?
  • What products or services does your business provide?

Too often, companies start by asking "What" can we do, and then they get to "How" will we do it and "Why" should we do it.  But true organizational success comes when companies start by asking "Why" from the beginning and every day after that.  This is the founding tenet of a company's strategic vision, and should be the basis for all subsequent decisions.  By working from the inside out rather than from the outside in, organizations can start to more properly align what they do with who they fundamentally are. 

Our team of consultants will help you to refine and understand the set of founding principles and values that drive your organization.  We will help you to understand and define the processes and procedures that drive action within the organization.  And we will help you quantify and focus on those products and services that bring success to the organization.

We understand that you didn’t start your business to manage projects, timelines, budgets, or address configuration, risk, and quality management concerns.  You started your business because:

  • You found a need that you are able to fill better than any other company
  • You identified a product or service that people are willing to pay you for
  • You engaged in a labor of love addressing a passion

Let ClayHouse Consulting address these operational tasks for you so that you can get back to the Why of your vision